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These books and authors are personal friends of mine who are doing great things or they are books that have played a major role in pursuing my dreams and passions please check them out and buy their book.  My own personal book is in the process of being written.


Jake Hektoen Nephew with a bright future in writing and film.

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Ken and Steve Renaissance Men

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Erin McElroy Personal friend, motivational speaker, world traveler, life changer.

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Kathleen Dreier, Personal friend, professional photographer, and helper of the homeless.

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This young lady has been instrumental in motivating me in life. Very Talented Musician

Music by Zaina Arekat on CDBaby Music Store

An instrumental musical journey through time and space exploring different themes and genres. This young lady and I have been friends through Sok-Man for 3 years well worth listening to her music is awesome. Musician. Blind since 2008. Muscular dystrophy bedridden her whole life just a wonderful person.© Copyright – Zaina Arekat / Zaina Arekat (191924531340)