Imagine Heaven: Near Death Experiences by John Burke

Tom (The Sok-Man) McNamara
Tom (The Sok-Man) McNamara
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A little disappointed this month with my 2 choices of books, I always try to find one motivational book and another genre. This month was no different but just the books were more of a chore to get through than enjoyment with that being said they both had some great points of interest but the books became monotonous and groundhogish (if that is a word) after a while. The first book Imagine Heaven: Near Death Experiences by John Burke. The book became very boring after the 10th personal experience of someone dying and them sharing their story with close to the same information as the person before. I did like that it referenced the Bible passages and the visual image that the Bible is described to show of what heaven looks like but for me that was the highlight…..sorry John I am not critique but for me it just was not enjoyable.
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