Bleeding Tattered Kite

Met Philip Camalud tonight standing in the rain with his food cart filled with everything he owned. The cart protected by an numbrella trying to keep some of his cloths dry. The wind was piercing through even the best dressed cold weather shoppers while the rain was beating down upon us. As I approached he was talking to himself praying that the Lord take mercy on him just for tonight as he shivered standing in his Nike slipper with no socks on. I startled him as he quickly tried to explain why he was talking to himself almost in tears, he obviously had been standing out in this cold rainy night for quite awhile. Giving him some money, asking if he was ok, he shivered through a fake smile saying he was doing good. He wanted to let me know he had only been out on the streets for 6 months and was a very successful business man that had fallen on hard times. As I walked away I looked at his bleeding tattered sign that read homeless anything will help, it brought me back to a time in San Antonio on a cold rainy night when the next morning I read that a homeless man had suffered hypothermia. I hope tonight God does have mercy on Philip holding him in his hands and protecting him for 1 more night.


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