Getting Back into the Swing of Things

I haven’t posted since January 2019, I have been re-charging my battery, taking time for myself, traveling and appreciating everything that has been given to me and all that has been taken away in order for me to come to enjoy a life full of beauty, treasured friendships, loved ones, the freedom and ability to experience the world first hand.

There are so many things that I will be reflecting on, the experiences I have had traveling, tidbits of information I’ve learned, relationships that have come and gone, the knowledge I’ve learned from each relationship and in some situations I was not able to  take pictures so I will try to describe the sights as they happened. I’ve witnessed weddings, funerals, rituals and traditions in different countries.  Saw concerts, danced till my heart was content, flew in single engine propeller airplanes, glided in a glider, jumped off cliffs, road down banisters, taught english classes to Russian students and basically continued to be who I am no matter what the situation.

I’ve been called so many different things in my life some of them very nice and polite while others have shared with me what they think of my life style and me as a person but when it will all be said and done no one will ever be able to take away that I lived my life my way, under my terms.

Thank you all who have stood by my side, encouraging me, supporting me, loving me and giving me the strength to continue on this absurd adventure called life.

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One thought on “Getting Back into the Swing of Things

  1. Hi Mac this is Jan. I sold Snowberry and moved to a farm in NC. The whole family moved here. I am happy that you are living your dream – me too. Country life is where I needed to be at this time of my life. The beautiful 1364 is no longer a home that neighbors admired. The new owner left everything turn to natural weeds. I miss my neighbors however here in the South neighbors help one another so much and nothing exchanges but a thank you. Live your life to the extreme and know that was Gods plan for you – you just had to wait for His time schedule.


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