The Sok-Man to take Sabbatical

It has been 7 of the best years of my life, I have traveled places, seen things and witness more love and kindness on the road seeing the United States from the back country and starting this program internationally as I traveled searching for homeless individuals.  With thousands of miles behind me, 1 major crash totalling my RV and walking away unscathed it is with pleasure that we collaboratively passed out 35,000 + pairs of socks and of late shirts, hats, jackets and other miscellaneous items…..I can not thank all of you enough. Sorry, I will not mention anyone in person since this effort has been a collaborative effort from family, friends, strangers.  Your support and donationions financially, materialistically, religiously (prayers/blessing) have shown me more love than one man deserves in a lifetime.

I will finish out this very cold front with what I have left of supplies, which should be either today or tomorrow since I am going to the temporary homeless shelters and distributing everything.  After these stops I have no more finances, no more materials and it is time I reboot myself.  In the upcoming year I hope to accomplish getting my 501c3 non-profit charitable contribution status,  finish writing my book on my homeless people using the monies for expanding this program, and making an interactive website so more people can follow me, make contributions and comment on  what we will be accomplishing.

Again, I can not thank all of you enough, you have made my dream come to life, it is a living breathing program that helps the homeless population survive another day.

Yours in Love and Prayers

Tom (The Sok-Man) McNamara

PS: please keep a bag of socks in your car this was the one major goal I was hoping to accomplish with being the SOK-MAN, see you back in a year.






One thought on “The Sok-Man to take Sabbatical

  1. You have done a wonderful thing by opening peoples eyes to the homeless. You have shown them to look at them as real people. God bless you.


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