1st Delivery Today

Took the spark out for my first run of the season, with 55 bags of Christmas Cheer for the homeless.  In each bag were hand warmers, gum, candy bar, candy canes, new socks, new shirts, sweat shirts, hats, scarfs, gloves, and a rosery with a tiny bible.  Found 20 individuals but the 1st one was the funnies and saddest.  Lets call him John, he was very seriously mentally ill, walking the streets with his kite flying which read need anytype of help.  As I approached I could tell he was scared to death of me coming upon his corner.  He was standoffish, and very nervious but as I approached I calmly told him I was the sokman and was here to bring him a Christmas present full of goodies.  As he took the bag he looked in and wanted to know what size the shirt was because he did not like small shirts, he then glanced and saw candy shook his head and said can’t have that diabetic, he struggled to figure out what the hand warmers were so I tried to demonstrate but he said no that it was his present.  I shook his hand said Merry Christmas he quickly turned and focused and the next set of cars approaching his corner.  As I walked away I chuckled and hoped he enjoyed the gifts if only for a minute.   Good night John, hope the shirt fits and you are warm tonight.

One thought on “1st Delivery Today

  1. Merry Christmas Mr SNowberry:
    This is Jan the former owner of 1364 and now I live in a 6.5 acre farm in NC. I have a barn to park my car, deer and coyotes to make my dog go nuts and the most beautiful place that God saved for me. The house is from 1939, that makes it older than me – and has just as many creaky bones as me. Two beautiful porches one for the red sunrise and the other to see it set. Last night it gave me the most fantastic view of the full orange moon. Country life suits me just fine, I am finally home, claw foot and all. There is plenty of room for you to park your home on wheels if you are in the area. Lots of history in Salisbury, established 1753. and old old Churches to to admire. Merry Christmas


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