Leader of the Band

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20171017_114447 2

John P. McNamara

Today I felt like the Leader of the Band there were blue skies, sunshine, no wind just a gorgeous day in Minsk.  As I peered out our bedroom window I could see that the winter had taken its toll on the glass, I had become accustomed to looking out filthy dirty windows but now with the sun glaring in I could see just how my vision had been blocked by the dirt and grime.  So with a little chuckle from the inside I felt my father was taking hold of my thinking and telling me…..look Tom it’s a beautiful day, the temperature is perfect and as you saw me do many times as a child in this type of weather it’s your turn to rise to the occasion and take up the touch…..attack those windows today.

So with the pride of the past lingering in my mind I took out some old rags, windex, and a squeegee opened the windows and began cleaning as the song the leader of the band played in my head.  Thanks dad for a great memory and the instructions to do it right.

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