A Walk Down Memory Lane


As I took my walk today, I strolled down memory lane.  I was brought back to a time in my life when all you had to do was enjoy what was in front of you.  Arlington Heights 1960 St. James School 1st grade, Len & Irene’s candy store, 924 N. Kasper Avenue, childhood house, Old MacDonald’s Farm right up the street, the Old Folks Home as it was called in those days, the Owls baseball team 1st team I was on.  I could go on and on but really this is dedicated to my junior high school group, as I took these pictures in Minsk today I saw our own courts….courts 1,2,3 and 4 as they were lovingly or disgustedly called depending on what court your athletic abilities allowed you to play on and what view you had of those courts.  I know as I start mentioning names I am bound to forget many of those who were with us on court one for every sport imaginable but I’ll spare you the pain of going through a list and save myself the embarrassment, safe to say those memories are etched in my brain forever…ahhhhhhh what memories.

Thanks for walking with me today  🙂


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