What is Minimalism?



When I talk about minimalism people immediately point out the things that I own and that I have tons of stuff.  I try to explain to them that minimalism to me is not living in extreme poverty or without things it’s about living cognizant, making intelligent choices about what I surround myself with.  Do I have a TV yes (one) do I have a house yes (one) it’s a RV that I live in full-time, do I have a mode of transportation yes (one) a motorcycle, do I have cloths yes but only the amount that I need which happens to be 3 pairs of pants, 3 button down collared shirts, 5 t-shirts, 3 pairs of shoes (1-dress, 1-gym and 1 pair of boots) so I have the wants and needs of most people I just don’t let my possessions get in the way of the most important things in my life-like living, seeing friends, sights, places, faces and events.  By no means am I telling anyone to change their lives but for me living on less has given me more, more than I could have ever imagined.  It has given me the freedom from consumerism.  I can’t tell you the last time I was in a store or a mall looking for anything, the only store that I walk to everyday is a local food store to buy fresh products to consume for the day other than that I have gone to the mall to people watch, to walk for exercise but going into any stores just doesn’t occur because there is no need or want.  I have had more time to write, more time to visit friends, more time to see the world, I communicate more with people, when I am with them I am present I don’t take my phone or I turn it off, I figure if my friends are willing to be with me the least I can do is be present and be with them.  Have I missed things yes I haven’t seen football, basketball, baseball, or any other sporting event of TV in 2 years but I have learned that those things that were once so important to me, aren’t any more today.

So am I a minimalist I would say by my definition a resounding yes….I have less, I need less but have gained more in substance.  So if and when the topic comes up about minimalism I am not asking you to change a thing I am just sharing with you that by my being aware of less consumerism I have benefited by building stronger relationships with the time I have.

Thank You

Tom(TheSokman)McNamara – minimalist


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