Poetry – They Say

                                 THEY SAY

They Say home is where you heart is, didn’t know who’d I’d be or where I’d end up when I started on this road, little knowledge of the changes and the pieces of my heart that I’d leave behind at each and every road sign.  The places, the faces, with all the embraces, my compass took me near and far, but the homeless touched me more than an evening star.

They Say as I walked away home is where your heart is, had no idea when, where or if I’d see anyone again,the tears filling my eyes to the point of blindness, salt fell upon the ground leaving an imprint their of all the loves that wait for me no matter how I fair.  As I pulled away I realized it’s a long long way to anywhere when you bid your friends goodbye.

They Say remembering all the things I wanted, it doesn’t really matter where I take this road, the one less travel is what I chose, so as I give myself away with each place I stay, it’s hard for me to say goodbye to each and everyday.


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