Visiting with an Old Friend

We went to another night time activity for Grandfather Frost “Ded Moroz” he brings presents to children and often delivers them in person on New Year’s Eve. Ded Moroz is accompanied by Snegurochka the granddaughter and helper during the New Years parties for children. It was an outside activity with a stage, singing Ded Moroz, dancing bears, and other fictional characters to set the evening for the children of Minsk.  There were artisans of all sorts from metal workers, artists to minstrels who shuffled and hustled their wears to the fun seeking crowd of adults and children alike.  As I was passing by one booth a middle aged lady called out my name TAM but I ignored it for who would I know in Minsk, but again I heard TAM as I turned there she was standing all bundled up to keep herself warm from the freezing nights breeze she was standing with her husband an artist whom I had purchased 8 hand painted plates of popular Belarusian famous sights this past summer.  He came over to me and we shook hands, but being who I am shaking hands is not good enough when I see an old familiar face so I pulled him towards me and we embraced with a warm hug. As I spoke the best I could in my broken Russian sharing with him that my brothers, sisters and mother really liked the plates of his work.  As we talked for a few minutes he to told his wife to wrap a plate for me, he handed it to me and in his broken English he said this for the New Year it’s old City Belarus.  We hugged parted ways and I looked at Irina saying see taking time to talk with people does make an impression, she smiled and laughed.




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