Dreams Do Come True


When I started this sokman mission I was hoping to make a little drop in the pond of life hoping that with that little drop the ripples would extend out into a colossal wave, not only making people aware of the plight of our homeless but actually getting people to notice, get involved and spread the love of giving.

I have had more people get involved that I ever would have imagined but being a selfish person I want more.  Until our homeless population is rectified I will continue to ask people to make it their personal mission to carry a dozen brand new pairs of socks in the front seat of their car being ready at a moments instance when noticing a homeless individual they reach into the bag of socks, roll down the car window, presenting the individual with a pair of socks, I will guarantee both of your lives will be changed for ever.

I challenged a teacher at Miner School in Arlington Heights, her name was Jess, the challenge was if I gave her a 12 pack of socks would she be willing to hand them out when she saw a homeless person, with the grin of a saint she not only accepted the challenge but gleefully walked away with a treasure in her hands that would change her life and the lives of 12 other people forever.


I received the above text from Alex my daughter, who wanted to share with me the text she got from Jess this morning.  See Dreams Do Come True……

My challenge for anyone who reads this is to share this story with 10 other people and ask those 10 people including yourself to carry a 12 pack of brand new heavy socks in your car passing them out when coming upon a homeless person.  If you want to carry it one step further put a pair in your purse or jacket so as you are walking to work, shopping, going out on a date you are ready for the individual standing in the freezing cold outside some establishment asking for any type of help you will be ready, willing and best of all you won’t feel guilty, looking away treating them as if they are not there, you will make eye contact, maybe exchanging a word or two but I promise it will change both your lives forever.

Merry Christmas, Happy Hanukkah, and a Happy New Years to all.

Thank You Tom (The Sokman) McNamara 

One thought on “Dreams Do Come True

  1. Tom, I also carry small ziploc bags with items like travel size (or from hotel) shampoo, soap, etc..dentist always gives us toothbrush/toothpaste, I add those to the bag. And granola bar and couple dollars in change.


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