Old Hipsters Don’t Die Easy

The Blackhawks are on a 6 game winning streak as I write this and I am hoping that they continue their quest for another cup.  In honor of their streak I celebrated with going to the local hockey rink here in Minsk and skated with my family last night.  Vova a die hard Washington Capitals fan and Alex Ovechkin freak had to darn on the Chicago Blackhawks sweatshirt trying to jinx the hawks quest for the cup which I doubt it did any good since they went on to kick the Minnesota Wilds asses.   Irina again rose to the occasion showing me that I married the perfect wife, she did not know how to skate and yet she darned on a pair of skates proving that she is up for almost anything I’m willing to do.  I applaud her for her effort, she did an absolutely great job and stayed out much longer on the ice then I could have imagined.  We did take a fun tumble to the ice 1 time, her elbow took the worst of the fall she commented later that she will need elbow pads next time.  Daughter and granddaughter are also beginners to skating both did an excellent job, all in all a great time was had and I proved that a 64 year old man who hasn’t skated in 10 years, who has had a total hip replacement still can get out on the ice skate the rust off of the body and feel free one more time.  I felt like the Chicago Blackhawks had called me up and gave me my “One Last Shift”.

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