I’m in Heaven

Found the local hockey center which is used during the day by little midget players but at night is is used by the Major Junior teams like in the United States Hockey League or the North American Hockey League the grooming ground for future KHL players.  It’s only a mile from the house which is nice but as of yet I’ve only been able to visit during the day where I did watch some of the midgets play it was very cute.  The stadium is small as you can see by the pictures an interesting part especially for those who have been in local stadiums they are very cold near the ice, but along with it being very cold I thought I was back in Lambeau Field with the plastic seats and US Cellular Field with the vertical drop of how they packed the seats so tightly together you feel like you’re going to fall walking down the stairs.  As tiny as this stadium is you probably could put 3,000 people in it to see a game, something I am sure I will have to experience in the near future.


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