Dorm Living as an Adult

Bottom right is our apartment building the others are walking through the courtyard.

It’s strange to be walking through a courtyard seemingly on a college campus at my age at least that’s what it feels like.  There are many differences but as I walk, look around I get this deja vu experience, the phenomenon of having this feeling that the situation being experienced has already been experienced in the past.

I am suddenly snapped back to reality, I passed a person who is 40 years younger than I; we pass, make eye contact, I say hello (Здравствуйте pronounced Zdravstvuyte) there is no acknowledgement what so ever, Irina’s words ring in my head nobody say hello here, nobody wants to have a conversation, nobody cares they are not your friends. Despite what I am told I will continue to say hello to everyone I pass.  I am starting to realize it’s not that people are not friendly it’s a cultural up bringing.  


Dorm living as an adult is so totally different, no loud music playing, no open doors on the floor, no burning of hemp in the air nor the stench of rancid stale alcohol. The hallways are not filled with Old Spice as a deodorant as I am sure this was made for drunks to hide the awful smell of any and all activities that were participated in the night before. This is by no means a knock on Old Spice our fathers were very proud to wear this special gift given to them by us as children during the holidays, in fact I’m sure the original bottle of this concoction as a so called perfume was still sitting on my father’s dresser as I went off to college. Either way it was not necessarily a disguise to hide anything but it did kill the smell.





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