Day 26 Belarus, it’s only money




Day 26 with 5 days to go before I will have to leave the love of my life once again because of governmental bureaucracy we are strapped with heartache and sadness.   We received a 1 month extension to fill out the paperwork and get our interviews for my temporary residence.   While they had us jumping through hoops, traveling near and far on there time frame as of to date we have heard nothing from any of the offices that told us time was of the essence.  Maybe I miss read “time is of the essence” for hurry up and wait we need your money but we are in no way on a fast track schedule to make a decision.  Anyhow we have called the appropriate offices received no confirmation one way or the other but what is worry some to me is I had a return flight home for October 28 which in hindsight I should have just taken the 700.00 dollar lose but instead I rescheduled the flight which cost me 450.00 to do since it was a last minute change and now here I am again 5 days away from having to leave and again challenged with what to do, the ticket is for after I am suppose to have left the country by 1 week  do I sit on my ticket sneak on the flight after I should have left with the possibility of ending up going to jail for a second time or change the flight again for another 450.00 or just let the 1150.00 worth of ticket expire and buy a new one when I have to leave which as the days get closer the ticket prices keep going up.  I know this is a rhetorical question and I will let my ticket laps and buy a new one but for what I am going to pay to return to the United States I could have bought 2 round trip tickets for different times.

I’m sure my world traveling friends will have lots to say as how I handle this incident but I am doing the best I can with the information I have at hand.  Frustrated yes, nervous yes, sad yes, as usual I am in a holding pattern waiting for some agency to let me have my life back so I can make a decision to move forward.

To all of those who are reading this blog site I thank you as usual for taking time out of your life to enter mine, peace, love if not give it to a homeless person they need it more than me anyway.

Love the Sok-Man

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