Veterans Day in Belarus

It was an interesting day being in another country and wishing I was home celebrating our service men and women who are spread out all over the world in places I know about and I am sure places I have know idea where they are at but just the same my heart, thoughts, and prayers are with you not just for today but for everyday of the year.  My prayers are for your safe return to your families unharmed in any manner and that your brothers in arms take care of each other but mostly I hold close to my heart is that God keep you in the palm of his hand and protect you every minute of everyday home or away.

Someday maybe we will be able to walk amongst the world as brothers and sister hand in hand as friends……..God Speed Home.

A picture of me standing under a sickle and hammer a symbol once so feared and hated; it’s strange I found this emblem walking along a Belarusian street most of these symbols have all been erased and are a rarity to be seen anywhere….strange to have seen it today on Veterans Day

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