Day 15 of 365 Days in Belarus

A relaxing day with us just working on our languages, quizzing each other, of course Irina being much younger or at least that is what I am attributing it to she is picking up English faster that I can comprehend Russian.  I do have the alphabet, down, colors down, getting consistent with numbers and now can go shopping knowing that Belarusian Ruble is twice as much as the dollar so buying dinner and leaving a tip is becoming easier.  Though we still have discussions about how much to leave as a tip since it’s usually 10 percent if at all versus my wanting to give 20 percent as I do in America.  Irina argues that they are not used to getting such nice tips and don’t understand why we would give our money away so easily.

She impresses me everyday I wake up, she makes breakfast, does the dishes, starts to prepare lunch and dinner meals, studies Russian, knits, sews, and tells me to either study Russian, blog, read or sleep if I wish to return to bed.  I’m in no way saying this to brag I am sharing this just to show you what an impressive person she is and how different our cultures are.


Something else I have to get use to is the speed a which they move, Irina is in no hurry to get anywhere when we are out we just stroll along very little energy is expended in moving quickly and before we go anywhere she has got to put on makeup, get dressed nicely, look like we are going out on a date just to go down 2 block to the store (магазин) to buy milk (молоко).  Don’t get me wrong she does dress down on blue jeans but mainly is around the house not to go outside to do anything unless she is getting ready to plant the fields with potatoes, chop wood, start a fire or any other thing that has to do with outside work.  At this point I am sure you are wondering what the hell I am doing and I would have to say the same thing, I offer to do things, but for now I am allowed to wash dishes, make the bed and treat her like the queen that I believe she is.  Trying to get my body on the right time system so have been going to bed earlier and waking up earlier and fighting not taking a nap in the afternoon which is very hard to do at this point but I’m hoping within this next week all will be balanced out.

Again Thank You for listening to me blab on and on, hope all is well in your worlds, everyone is safe and happy.

Love The Sok-Man

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