6th Month Anniversary

Day 14 of 365 days in Minsk:  Happy 6th month Anniversary to a beautiful young lady who stole my heart, today we went to the center of Minsk for a celebration of our time together.   My beautiful date as we get ready to leave our house (дом), she is then standing in front of the Svislach River which is the main river running right through the heart of Minsk.

Then the presentation of Minsk are the twin towers also know as the Minsk Gates which greet you as you get off the metro, it’s the Lake Michigan Avenue of Belarus, stunning to see and the architecture of Belarus does not have many towers to show off so these are absolutely beautiful day or night. The picture to the right with the stand up paddle border is high lighting the man-made Isle of Tears which commemorates the Soviet soldiers from Belarus who died in the decade long war with Afghanistan from 1979 to 1989.  The centerpiece is the chapel, with haunting figures of grieving mothers, sisters and widows at its base. A nearby fountain features the boy-like figure of an angel, rigged up to cry teardrops. You may notice that a certain part of his anatomy is shinier than the rest. This is explained by the tradition of newlyweds visiting war memorials on their wedding day, and a modern folk belief that if the bride gropes this poor young lad’s privates she’ll be guaranteed children. The beautiful apartments below the Isle of Tears are on the river and the river walk sensational views and also very expensive.  Of course I had to go over to the park that is along the walk with an under roof Ice skating rink in the winter and a rollerskating rink during the summer.  As I neared the ice I could feel my heart palpitate, oh to be able to put on a pair of Bauer skates, hold my left hand CCM stick and take a few slap shots just one more time.  I’m really thinking at least I will get out there and skate at least once for sure.  We didn’t venture down the block away from the city to visit where the KHL Minsk Bisons play because they were out-of-town and the building was not open so we headed for our dinner destination a nice quiet Sushi place.  At first I was very nervous not really wanting to take on that adventure as of yet but Irina really had her heart set on Sushi so I went along with the program.  It was the very first time I was in a Sushi bar and also I had never tried Sushi before in my life, it never really interested me in tasting it. To my delight the who situation was quite pleasing our waitress was quite personable and as we talked I found out she talked English from working in Malta for 4 years, our food was absolutely delicious as you can see from the above presentation of our lazy suzan plate. As Irina has done so many other times before she again encouraged me to try one of the garnishes set along the side of the saucer decorated like little innocent flowers, neither Irina nor the flowers had any in-cling of innocence after I became a flame shooting dragon while ingesting hot green horseradish.  As Irina’s eyes filled up with tears of laughter, I could not get our waitress to our table fast enough to extinguish the fire in my mouth running down my throat and singeing my nostrils for the love of God who makes this stuff and for what purpose was all I was asking my self as I watch my wife laughing in hysterics at my expense.

The night was a success as we took the metro back to our house (дом), walked to the store (магазин) magazine to replenish some daily items needed and we recouperated on the couch quizing each other in our native languages.  I’m still trying to explain to her the difference between I need something vrs give me because in Russian you use (мне) which means me so you us me all the time so me need, give me she doesn’t get the diferentiation any help anyone reading this?

Thank you again for taking a walk along my life in Belarus I appreaciate people reading and making commnets…Peace, Love and Tranquility The Sok-Man

One thought on “6th Month Anniversary

  1. Mike Pettenuzzo

    Congrats on the 6 months. Just sorry I missed the sushi, wasabe fire breathing episode. I would have been laughing too. Keep your words coming my friend, love yoi


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