DAY 12, Russian Alphabet


Like most days I am working on learning the Russian alphabet and words, hoping to soon be doing more reading and trying to understand the words I am reading.  Along with learning Russian I have decided I should expand my knowledge of things so I am learning sign language alphabet, braille alphabet which I’m thinking it might be a little easier to learn all the alphabets as I learn one.  I am also learning adobe elements photoshop with Irina’s niece, she is a graphics designer using her college degree, she runs her own business and works out of her own house.

I’ve often wondered how individuals have the discipline to work out of their own house or set their own hours for work, I am a schedule person if I had nowhere to report to I would just have wasted my life without ever working, of course I would have been continually looking for work I just know that I respect people who have the discipline to work on their own.

Today was a very mild day in Belarus, cool not cold, over cast but not rainy just damp but comfortable to have windows somewhat opened to enjoy the fresh air.  Irina is becoming an English speaking woman who works diligently on her ability to communicate with Americans.

Thank you for reading and making comments it means a lot to hear from people.

Peace my friends and fellow followers.





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