Day 9,10,11 Halloween

20171101_185238 2

Day 9 and 10 October 29, 30, 31st nothing to write home about, I’m still somewhat down with residual effects of the kidney stone but on the mend.  My wife is taking extremely good care of me, nursing me with herbs that helped passed the stone.  She allows me to sleep as much as I can to heal and get my body use to this jet lag, not sure how people travel internationally and recover so quickly my body is still in shock with the time change, the weather, the late sunrise and early night fall.  I can tell depression during this season is going to be a battle, very little sunshine actually not at all currently rain, snow, overcast and nothing in the near future that looks like it will change.

Belarus does not celebrate halloween so no cute costumes, no candy to be given out (so we hoarded ours whats new).  Today is Sophie my daughter-in-law, daughter’s birthday so if you get a chance wish her a happy birthday.  Irina is crazy nuts studying English and doing a great job at it.  She is so much farther along in English than I am in Russian but as I fall off to sleep I am working on my alphabet, as I wake I take out my pen and paper reviewing how I did seems I miss the same 5 letters or sounds every-time it’s so frustrating but eventually I’m hoping this old brain will soak it up.

America hope you had a great Halloween and ate much candy….peace.

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