Thank you to a brotherhood


I always knew that St. Viator High School was a very special place but as I get older, travel, use social media I realize it was and is more special than I could ever have imagined.  Saying you are a graduate of St. Viator High School elicits many things to many people but to me it means bonds that go deeper than just saying your friends, it means you are in a brother and sisterhood forever.  I enjoy the comfort of knowing I went to school with some of the most passionate, driven, caring human beings  who have opened up their heart to me just because we went to the same school.  I’ve been invited to dine with people I never knew before, slept on couches of graduates that are so much younger than I, yet they have opened up their doors simply because I graduated from St. Viator

One of the neatest experiences that has happened to me in the last couple years is the friendships I have been able to make with fellow former classmates whom I knew in passing yet never really experienced their love or friendship before now.  I regret now not getting to know them as close person friends as I grew up but God has blessed me with a second chance to explore and cherish them as they have come back into my life all  because we have a very special bond that holds us together and that glue is St. Viator High School.

Thank you Viatorians, classmates, graduates, teachers, coaches who instilled in us that we are all family.  I can’t thank you enough.


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