HELP………Sok-Man Belarus or Bust

I am asking for any and all information concerning moving abroad.  I have decided that I will be leaving September 15th of this year living in Minsk, Belarus for a minimum of 1 year to be with my beautiful bride.  I need your help especially those of you who have lived abroad giving me information of things I must do before I leave.  I will be turning 65 this year so I do know I need to get my Medicaid and Medicare forms filled out and get my TRS forms ready but that’s as far as my knowledge goes.  I am also planning on bringing Charlie with me so bring a pet to another country information would also be helpful.

I am looking for positive suggestions only nothing negative, those who know me already know that I am crazy so none of that needs to be shared again…..I am looking forward to seeing my bride and experiencing a whole new world.

Thank You one and all for all your suggestions the Sok-Man

Irina Invite to Belarus

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