Minimalism by Design


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Saying your attempting to be minimalistic and living minimalistic are two completely different styles all together.  I started down this minimalistic lifestyle 5 years ago creating my own mission called “The Sok-Man” where I seek and find homeless individuals, share new pairs of socks and conversation with them.  Since being on this mission I have sold a house, given a car away, been robbed, been in prisoned, got married and have traded a life of luxury for a life of meaning for me.  Not that living luxuriously has no meaning but for me I feel closer to who I am and what I am looking for in life by structuring my life with less.  Today is the fourth day that I have been pairing down attempting to get with-in-my goal of having just 100 items in my life, I am still somewhere in the 3 hundred items category but I will continue to see what I can live without and separate from items that have meaning but I physically don’t have to have in my had or in my possession anymore; I am building a beautiful portfolio of photographs of things I have once owned and I have learned no one can take those memories from me and I don’t have to have those items to share or impress other people with what I posses or possessed.   This post is me talking to myself motivating me to keep going and get ready for the up coming season in my life.  Irina and I have decided that I will leave for Belarus in September, applying for my temporary residency which means I will have to stay in Belarus for 6 months during that time and then we will apply for my permanent residency allowing me to stay for the remainder of the year.  We will live in Belarus in the capital city of Minsk from September to September and maybe with all the documenting that needs to be done to return to the United States this will help up speed up the process but either way at this point it does not matter what matters to me is I will be with my beloved wife and accomplish my minimalistic life style. I am hoping that people who know and love me will pray for us and keep us close to your hearts.

I love you all The Sok-Man.

ps. The Sok-Man is not over I am just practicing in another part of the world but when we return to the US we will live our lives together perusing this worthy cause.

DSC_0046                                                                Homeless in Belarus

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