I don’t know if anyone can see the raised flowers on my arm but my arm looks as if I have had a 3 dimensional tattoo placed there.  I am allergic to bee stings and have an epipen but as of late when I get bit by mosquitoes not only do I get the instant urge to scratch the site where I was bit but the surrounding area now raises up and make my tattoos 3 dimensional.  It’s not the whole area like a mosquito bump its like what ever they inject in you goes to specific areas.  Example last night I was bitten on my right arm I have a tree on my right arm but only the branches were raised not the skin in between the branches and tonight I was bit on my left arm on the inside of my elbow and just the pink areas are raised nothing outside the flowers or nothing in the yellow areas.  Has anyone or does anyone also have this amazing happening?

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