I am so sorry I haven’t blogged in so long but my life is in panic cayos mode right now. Let me just list some of the things I want to blog about and what is happening so I need about a week of sitting down and writing.

As most of you know I went to Belarus, I met a woman I had been talking to on the internet for over a year as I saw her I knew in my heart this was the lady I had been waiting to meet for the last 24 years of single life.  So I have the ultimate love story.

Ultimate Love Story

Learning a new language at 64

Stories from Belarus

Jailed in Russia 5 days into marriage

Immigration Boondoggle why we have so many illegal people avoiding our nightmarish Immigration laws food for thought

Return to America sockman showered with socks at a 4 mile race in Elmhurst

Soldiers Angels

90-year-old mother breaks back for 7th time

My feeling’s of a Commercial and Phil Mickelson’s disservice to Psoriatic Arthritis through watching my sister suffering this debilitating disease.

Couch surfing at 64 with a dog when you’re a minimalist and your only home is an RV that is being repaired

So these are most of what is happening in my life or happened but I am in writers hell trying to sort through where to begin so if any of these strikes your fancy will you comment on my blog site to get me writing again rather that spinning my wheels and sitting still.

Thank You The Sok-Man


4 thoughts on “Explanation

  1. Tom Gallagher

    All very interesting…. jailed in Russia? Seriously?
    There all interesting…. start where you want…. I’m guessing it’s with imigration….
    our son in San Diego married a young lady in San Diego… after living in Mission Beach for many years Ida took a job in Stockholm…. John filed to immigrate to Sweden in March…. no movement on any front yet…. she just landed last night for a visit…. There is even a family connection where a first cousins best buddy was recently the US ambassador to Sweden… he say the process is long & slow….. so it’s not just the US… an American boy married to a Swedish girl, employed, no arrest, no problems in his past and he can’t get approved for Sweden…. its no ones fault… it’s the state of the world now…. the terrorist have certainly had their effect on all of us in some way shape or form…. so hang in there….. stick to doing it the right way….
    Peace, TG


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