Mixed Emotions


With only 9 days left and not knowing when Irina and I will see each other again my life is in turmoil.  I am as excited as they get to once again place my feet on American soil and hear the comforts of the english language, on the other hand I am at a total lost because I am leaving the love of my life here in Belarus with not knowing what the future holds for us in the way of visa’s, visitations, and living arrangements.  It saddens me deeply to know that our future is out of our hands and in the hands of decision makers who will look at us not as flesh and bones with emotions, love, families, voices etc. but as answers on a printed form in black and white, one dimensional, non feeling, non speaking entities.  As our world gets torn apart by human’s who have know concern for life, the boarders of our countries get tighter by allowing few and few foreigners in. For us the crevasse seems to be deepening and widening daily with the upheaval of the world, I continue to pray to God daily that he sees fit and answers my prayers with his compassion understanding and love for us that he might shed some light on this journey.

Mir Castle

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