Belarusian Gold

It’s not barley but I have found the fields Sting was talking about in his song in a small tiny village in Belarus, I have found and married a golden gem the prettiest diamond I have set eyes on. Everywhere I look there is nothing but these beautiful fields of yellow orange colored flowers blending together as they flow down to the river making an impression you are walking in a field of gold, she is my gold proving priceless at every turn I make. Will you stay with me? Will you be my love? Among the fields of flowers.


I’ve walked these streets of dirt since the beginning of time; I see faces aged by the weather but as in my own reflection there is a story to be told and heard but who is around to listen. This street is filled with rocks, pebbles, and sand, while you walk that piece of sand that has gone hiding between your toes has settled causing you a discomfort making you aware that the faces you see have a story to be told but who is around to listen. As I wander the boulevards of my mind I am drawn to the aged faces of my homeless friends who have a story to be told and heard but who is here to listen. “I know that the spades are the swords of a soldier, I know that the clubs are weapons of war, I know that diamonds are the money of this art, but that’s not the shape of my heart.” Sting   I feel I have lived a thousand lives, walked a million miles, shed a trillion tears that would fill the oceans with the salt water they need to survive but I am blessed I have found the field of Gold in a small town village in Belarus and I am here to listen.


Thank you all, I love you very much for spending the time reading and listening to my stories you have been here to listen.

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