Letters from Home

Today is the celebration day of Belarusian partisans where many different groups and factions working in conjunction if not organized officially towards the same goal, disrupting the Third Reich.  As I walk around the hallowed ground in the forest where these partisans gathered, lived, planned and died I am drawn inwardly giving thanks for all those who served in any war fighting against the tyranny of any kind.

Reflecting, I am thankful to the men and women who have served and are now serving in our armed forces protecting the liberties we are allowed.  Being a visitor in a foreign land makes me aware of how wonderful a place America really is and the things I took for granted.  Walking amongst the trees I can hear voices of soldiers longing for a piece of evidence that they are being thought about by anyone back home.  As I open my phone up every day my heart quickens to see the mail, whatsapp, facebook or text flashing before my eyes I long to connect with anyone from back home, I’m snapped into a nightmare dreaming of the bag of mail sitting on a truck as a soldier barks out the names of the individuals who have received a thread of life from home and at the end of the nightmare I see nothing on my phone and here the soldier cry out no more mail for today, we all walk away saddened to think today’s hope has been extinguished, maybe tomorrow.


PS. For all of those who read Здравствуйте (hello) from yesterday the update for today is a 7-mile walk garnished 11-head nods, 4-Здравствуйте’s and 3 conversations which led me to my famous Я не понимаю, я говорю только по-русски, я американец и говорю по-английски which means I do not understand I only speak a little Russian, I am an American and speak English

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