Hello from a stranger is what the above word means but as I explained before it’s a word that is not used because no one wants to say hello to one another.  Well, May 6th that day has changed, for my quiet little village.




I was out walking found a straight birch branch and used it as my walking stick for my trip back home.  I decided to make myself a staff like Noah as you can see from the above pictures I didn’t have the most sophisticated tools but it worked and now I am ready to go out and part the Hello Red Sea of the area.  My goal is to say hello to every person I see and get them to start engaging with at least a hello.

Day 1 May 6th out for a walk armed with my newly made staff, my very limited ability to communicate with my neighbors but an unlimited amount of fortitude and spirit to get people to at least acknowledge I am present, we are alive and we can communicate. I run into 2 gentlemen who are pulling a wagon up the hill filled with rocks, cement, and various other items, I stop them with a Здравствуйте they stop pulling their cart, smile and respond with Здравствуйте, I immediately feel that this was a success and then the floodgates were opened they immediately started speaking to me in Russian faster than I could understand if they were speaking English. Fast thinking on my feet and armed with my limited Russian I said in my best Russian Я не понимаю по-русски немного, я американец и говорю по-английски which translates into I do not understand Russian only a little I am an American and speak English.  They smiled at one another shook my hand and we parted ways with a dasvidaniya which means goodbye, ah I love success even if I couldn’t fully engage in a conversation.


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