It’s All Happening At The Zoo

I have been praying since I got here to get out and do something and finally the rain stopped falling, the wind stopped blowing and the sun came out (солнце) sunshine pronounced solntse.  We went to the town of Могилёв Mogilev, Mogilev it is a city in eastern Belarus, about 76 kilometers from the border with Russia’s Smolensk Oblast.  We toured the city through the eyes of an automobile not what I cherished but it was a day out and the sun was shining. Finally, we got a reprieve from the car when Irina spotted the zoo and suggested we go.  Little did I know that I would forgo my camera for the day, but also find out I had a latent photographer.  

It was another amazing day to watch Irina run around a zoo as if she had never been in one before or she had never seen these types of animals, with each step we took her eyes, would light up, she’d turn to see if we saw what she saw and then she would take off running to catch the perfect shot, sometimes she’d turn to make sure that nobody was making noise behind her pulling an Elm Fudd.

After the zoo on our way home, we stopped by a friend of Sergei’s who shared with us 2 fish рыба pronounced (ryba) the plethora he had in some sort of basket hanging in the water.  As you can tell I have not been raised a fisherman nor do I pretend to know anything about fish or fishing.   But being as unskilled as I am we managed to get our live fishes home safely even if they were gasping for air and flopping in the plastic bag we have stored them in. Reaching home Irina proceeded to take the fish to the kitchen wrestling one of them out of the bag and placing it into the sink.

As she debreeded it while holding its head down she managed to get the final product of what is the picture to the right.  Now being a suburban kid from Arlington Heights, Illinois the only time I saw fish that looked like the picture on the right was in a grocery store all wrapped in plastic neatly packaged for you to take home and prepare, what I saw and heard were completely different than that nice comfortable view of that fish behind the butchers glass on ice.  Irina prepared it as it sizzled in the pan, the smell of fish permeated the air while she made a meal fit for a king. After watching her with that knife I beleive she could gut anything with no problem.

3 thoughts on “It’s All Happening At The Zoo

  1. Celine Hughes

    I loved fishing with my dad when I was young. I was very proud that I could hook my own bate. Mostly a minnow (through the eyes) or a worm! I am starting to like eating fish in the last couple of years. I had halibut last night and it was good. Glad you had fun at the zoo. You are not missing out on any good weather here. It has been a dreary spring so far. Hoping for ☀️ soon!! Take care. LU


    1. tom mcnamara

      Thank you for always leaving comments they keep me wanting to write. I appreciate your friendship. Love Tommy Mac


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