Vodka and Cigarettes

It seems that my Uncle Jack who use to drink and smoke every day of his life use to say, “Nothing can live inside of this body”  lived to be well into his 90’s, might have had a meaning of truth behind his statement.  I look around me on my walks, the people in this town are old, hard-working individuals who smoke like chimneys and I am assuming have a shot of vodka or a glass of wine at every meal which seems to be the customary norm here.


I wake up in the morning, sun shining, cold wind, fresh air, I reach over to my basket of my never-ending array of medicines that seem to be accumulating each and every year, I laugh at what might be the difference in this world and the world I left in America.  I have always been a skeptic of modern western medicine; if it doesn’t work with one medication let’s try another (don’t get me wrong when I have needed a doctor they have always been ready and waiting for me) my point is what is the difference between the two worlds.

Maybe we need to look at they have way smaller portion sizes, plus their plates and glasses are a quarter of ours size wise, most, if not all of their food is prepared in the kitchen and the ingredients come from their own gardens, they seem to walk everywhere or bicycle, and rarely are they sick at least this has been my experience or what I have been told.  My own personal experience since I have been here has been I have lost 15 pounds since April 7th, my diabetic sugar readings have been between 90 and 125 every day, while at home they were all over the board anywhere from 202 to 68. My blood pressure has stayed stable at an average of 121/82 with a heart rate again averaging mid 70’s but before I left it was 156/91 pulse 80.  I’m not bragging nor am I looking for anyone to say good for you I am just questioning what is the difference, while of course the vodka and cigarettes are very tongue in cheek there is something to look at that is for sure…….Oh, I know what it is, the pharmaceutical companies with good health would be out of business.

Thank you, Irina, for taking good care of me for my family.

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