Skin crawling, restless agitation, continuous fretting, the night lives on and the demons play havoc once again within the confines of my entity.  I’d scream but for what reason, I’d cry but I can’t muster up the energy nor the salt that it takes to produce such a chemical reaction so I write.

Pitch black, no street lamps, and the abyss the sound of nothingness echoes in the chambers of days gone by.  People stop and stare as the zombies stroll past looking for any type of comfort from within.  It’s exhausting being the sunshine when everyone is around, laughing, playing, being the lighthouse for so many wayward souls.

As the merry-go-rounds empty, parks become desolate sand lots of emptiness while bags of confetti get strewn about from the mistral, as the lake freighters batten down the hatches for a long night.

It’s terrorizing seeing the sun go down, the anticipation is a daily routine that never seems to die, it causes me death, second by second, minute by minute, hour by hour, day by day sometimes a week will pass with no relinquishing of its grip.

Ah, a new day is dawning, fresh air blissfully dances in the meadows, dew droplets, morning grass clippings, birds charging out gathering up their morning meals while songbirds sit on the branches waking up those from a somber sleep.

Shit another lost night!!! 


4 thoughts on “Turmoil

  1. Mike Pettenuzzo

    Hey buddie, nice ride, good traction. I was in San Diego for 4 days so off the grid myself. You look good. Sleep demons at it again? Is M.P. your sister who is responding? don’t want to get confused. Stay happy and always be the life of the party, that’s who you are. Love you my friend


    1. tom mcnamara

      It’s not about sleep here, this has been my life pattern I just decided to start writing about it and making poetry maybe making other people who suffer from insomnia they are not alone. Thank you for the love and concern.


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