Borscht Soup the Woman in Me

Today at lunch I had my first encounter with chicken borscht not prison borscht but good meat soup.  It tasted quite good and I am sure it will be served again but without a doubt, I’d order it in a restaurant.  DSC_0764.jpg

Irina never ceases to amaze me with what she is capable of doing with almost any challenge.  She sews, knits, makes her own clothes and dresses, then she cooks outstanding meals with things I have never heard of before and is able to explain the nutritional value to it and what it does for your body.  I have had buckwheat cereal but not out of the box, the buckwheat was harvested stored and used. Most everything that we eat is either caught, grown, harvested and every part of the meal comes from someplace other than a store.

Sergei her brother brought home this northern pike or muskie don’t ask me I’m lucky to identify the colors of the rainbow.  So, he brings this fish home on a handmade line to carry it.  Then when most people are going to be sound asleep Irina gets up washes the fish and cleans it, cuts it up and prepares it for tomorrow’s morning breakfast.

DSC_0666.jpg    DSC_0660.jpg DSC_0668.jpg

I was offered the head with the eyes still in it but not being a big fish eater I passed but struggled through with just eating more of the midsection of the fish.  Anything that was left over was granted fish, cabbage, onions, and other ingredients I don’t know and she made a salad that is just out of this world.  I told her that I could eat that salad every day, so Sergei came over today and went fishing but the only thing he came up with was a beaver so he let it go.

The reason this was also labeled the woman in me was this big suburban high school athlete would never in my life clean a fish let alone catch one.  As you can tell I am truly a suburban kid with upbringings not around a lake, fishing, hunting or sewing but by God, I sure know how to ……?  What do I know how to do? Let me think on that for awhile.

This is just one item Irina has mad and everything on it is made by her hands that includes all the lace work.

.Sewing copy.jpg

I am very proud of her and every day I find a new facet about her that makes her that much more precious of a person.

Today we talked about when we get to America she is a certified beautician and would like to work but also would like to volunteer with me when I’m out giving socks she could be cutting hair so we have that going for us also.

Thanks for reading please make comments I’d like to hear what you think.

4 thoughts on “Borscht Soup the Woman in Me

  1. Alex ❤️

    Keep the posts coming! I’m loving it! “Don’t ask me, I’m lucky to identify the colors of the rainbow” 😂 Love you so much!!!


  2. Celine

    Wow! Sounds like you are really fitting in! Are you sure you want to come back to America!! Sounds very down to earth and peaceful there. Tell Irina that I love her dress. Very impressive. I hope I get to meet her when you come home. I am not much of a fish eater. We do catch fish off the dock in Wisconsin, but we throw them back in! Catch and release!! Enjoy every minute. You are not missing a thing here. Lots of crap in the news…very depressing. Love you!!


  3. Mike Pettenuzzo

    What a great experience. We are so bloated here with fast food and over commercialized stuff. I envy you, your not in the fast pace lifestyle we have here. Just reading your story really makes me yearn for the pace of the days when we were growing up. You guys are so blessed. I relate to the , no catching fish, no hunt deal. We grew up on some kind of field or court or rink. Bill Geiser posted on facebook and he is with Barb Watruba ( St. James babe) and they are in Washington State. Give my best to Irena and can;t wait to meet her, borsch looks fabulous…. Love you ,my friend


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