Russian Orthodox Christian Easter

Another lifetime experience today, Irena, Sergei, Svetlana and I went to the local town’s Russian Orthodox Christian Easter.  As we pulled up to the church it was beautiful and tiny.


It was very interesting for me since it brought me back to the Catholic Church of old where women covered their heads with a scarf or something.  It is a very old community so I stood out like a sore thumb but what else is new for me.

The beautifully decorated colorful vestibule blocks off the Alter, the priest is also highly decorated in ornate historic clothing.  It seemed familiar in some ways, I felt like I was at a high mass on a Sunday with singing, praying out loud and prayers with responses shouted out. Before the service began the congregation led by the priest and the cross exited the church and paraded around the grounds singing, praying and blessing the service.

There are so many parts I have questions for but at this point I will say the least it was pretty and interesting to an outside on looker.



As you can see we look like a very well comfortable fit couple into the Russian Orthodox Church.


Happy Easter to all and may this day cause you to celebrate what God has done for us.


3 thoughts on “Russian Orthodox Christian Easter

  1. Celine Hughes

    Happy Easter. What a beautiful church. Irina looks to be beautiful, as well. Thank you for sharing your journey with us. After all my worrying, I see that God is right there along side you, so I need not worry. Blessed am I to know a man like you. Sending love and hugs across the miles.


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