The Girl in Me


As I read my birthday cards, look at the gifts Irena gave me, I read what has been said about me as a father my eyes did not only well up with tears, I sobbed like a little girl, not that there is anything bad about crying or being a little girl., but it meant the world to me


A stuffed  Charlie dog looks on inquisitively as to what is going on.

A man should be so lucky to have had so many nice things said about him at any point in his life but I am lucky enough to have heard things like this from my family and my kid’s friends my whole life.  As I sit back today and reflect on my life I can say that without a doubt I am as Lou Gehrig once so poetically said “Today….day… (echo) I….I…I..(echo) am..  am.. am.. am.. the…the…the, luckiest man in the world.  As I sit before you the day after my 64th birthday the Beatles song rings in my ears: Will you still need me, will you still feed me when I’m 64.

Birthday Pictures


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