Good Friday is no Misnomer

Two women, looking through an area where garbage is strewn about searching for an Easter Meal to fit on a table to give to a king.  Ragpickers are what they are called, God’s children are who they really are, along with being a grandmother, mother, sister, cousin, aunt, family member they love and need to be loved, speak kindly to those you do not know or understand.


Jesus taught us that through pain and suffering there is life and happiness as long as we realize that just because he forgave our sins on the cross does not mean we are free to ignore the world around us and lead a life of debauchery.  Jesus walked among us as a human being, I believe he was a homeless person and is with us today as a homeless person, people who read my birthday blog celebrated with me on my birthday looking for some lost soul to give them hope.  For those of you who participated, I can only say thank you from the bottom of my heart for sharing my birthday wish.

Yes, it was Good Friday and a day it seems that this year was set aside for me to realize I need to step up my game and do more for my fellow people of the world.  Irena purchased a Red Ballon from a member of society that would be overlooked by most everyone not only for what he was wearing but also the infliction that he wears every day since the time of his birth. As she gave him the money that old familiar smile came upon his face something that I have rarely seen in Belarus.


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