Think Gilligans Island Theme Song

Three-hour tour, today Irena asked if I wanted to go for a little walk to the local and only store in and around the area.  Always up for seeing new things even though I have been sicker than a dog I thought a walk outside in the cool fresh air would be good.

Mind you we are miles from anywhere, so not thinking like a Belarusian as of yet I put on my hiking shoes and off we went.  We went past many, many houses; they are called Domas not spelled with Russian lettering just pronunciations for right now.  There are all sorts of styles from Hansel and Gretel, log homes, brick homes and each different in style, color, shape, age and texture.


As we walked I saw a reflection of a childhood story written by Hans Christian Andersen, narrated by Frazier Thomas on family classics, his voice I will never forget.

For those of you who never had the opportunity to see his family classics, I wish life were still this simple and innocent.  This was the opening song and today I hear this song with

the story of The Stork dancing in my head as we passed this beautiful stork tending to her family.DSC_0411.jpgSorry to have deviated so far from the original story but my mind just ran off to my childhood.  Anyhow as we walked on and on and on and on, you get the picture it seemed like it was forever come to think of it by the time we had gotten to the store walked through some rain and returned to our house 3.5 hours had elapsed so much for a short stroll down memory lane to the little store.  Alas, our journey ended with me sucking wind, Irina sucking on her cigarette and the walk just sucking the life out of me for the moment. Overall I have no complaints I’m alive, well and with a woman who has taken me from America to Belarus.

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