My Birthday Wish Today For The World

My birthday wish is that every one of us takes the time to look at people today see the love in their hearts, and smile, say hello, and wish them a great day.  Look into their eyes see their soul and ask if there is anything you could do to make this day better for them.

Go out of your way:  if for only one minute to hold an elders hand, read them a story, tell them you care, give someone a flower, a hug, pay for an item of someone in line.  Last but not least find a homeless person and give them the gift of HOPE, make them believe that you, for that moment in time are their angel bringing to them a Gift from God and that gift is you.  Your kind words, your warm gesture, show them you are a beacon of light to listen to their story.  If you take the time to do any of these things my Birthday wish will have expanded way beyond my life and hopefully the world.

I will have a blessed birthday for I plan on passing out socks and flowers today in a center of town in Belarus with Irena and if we’re lucky we will get to share some coffee with a stranger who is hurting and just needs a little love.,Hill Top Eugene, Oregon.jpg

Thank you for taking the time to read about my birthday wish and hope that you consider doing something like this today….Tom (thesok-man)mcnamara

7 thoughts on “My Birthday Wish Today For The World

  1. Celine Hughes

    Oh, I missed your birthday. Very busy with three new Grandbabies. But, I thought of you…because I think about you every single day! I just read all your posts. Looks like you are having a wonderful time. Glad to see you happy. God bless. Love you Tommy Mac.


  2. Amy Leventhal

    Happy Birthday, sweet Tom!! Love from Berkeley! Sophie gave us an update about your adventures so far. Glad to hear all is well! I will absolutely pay a kindness to someone today, in your honor.


  3. P Cassens

    Happy Birthday Tom! I will help you celebrate your birthday and find someone who needs a little “extra love” today too! Stay safe!


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