When I left America I had considered myself a minimalist now after spending 5 days in Belarus I feel I have been thrown into a fairy tale as I begin to write Irina steps into my dream and starts hanging clothes on the line in the rafters of our what I will call for now a screened in porch, this is our dryer.  When I say screened porch I know your mind will skip by creating a vision but stop I will give you a visual.  As I sit and type about the things I am witnessing, I am hoping I do not come across as judgmental for that is the last thing from my mind. DSC_0444.jpgI am sharing my current situation and appreciating how lucky I am to have been brought up in a country that has never seen war, suffered so much depression and has not had dictatorship after dictatorship keeping the people poor, but Irina, Sergei, and Svetlana are very happy people so life is fine.DSC_0397.jpgThe above is our dryer in our screened in porch as I sit be neither clothes, choosing my words trying to express my gratitude to Irina, Belarus and my fellow countrymen. They have so many things that are so different and yet are better than what I have seen in the United States. All things I share will be in future posts but I am planning on 99.9 percent of them to be very positive just different than what we are you to seeing and hearing about.

So is simplicity similarly to or the same as minimalism I would say yes they both are accomplishing living the minimalist lifestyle but I would also so no because if you want to be a minimalist you choose that lifestyle it’s not one put upon you by limitations?  But the end result is the same few things to worry about limited resources by choice and the freedom to do things you want to do within certain boundaries.DSC_0402.jpg

The white house immediately behind Irina is our house center of the picture.  Not building on the right or on left just dead center. We told a 5-mile walk do her road.  It is the only road into her town and the only road out.  It’s about 50 miles total; she lives about 25 miles from the closest town, which after her brother leaves we will walk to town for our needs.  I was told you should learn something new everyday well I have far succeeded that statement believing it will be a long time before I don’t learn many things daily.  I cannot think of any other way of learning a language or culture that just throwing you into it.  I realize books, taking classes, talking to people who came from the area is good and nice but jumping in for me I have found out as I have lived my whole life throwing caution to the wind is the best way to fly.

Thank you for taking the time to listen to The Sok-Man


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