Minsk Center of City

Irena made arrangements to meet her niece Katerina whom she had not seen in four years to meet us downtown Minsk to give us the grand tour of central Minsk.DSC_0296.jpg

I have to tell you with all the different churches located in one area and Easter upon us I don’t believe anyone could possibly not get to heaven in the Russian Gold mind of divinity.  We went into 4 different churches with several others also participating in the Easter week.  Confessions, Stations of the Cross, Masses, Choirs singing, flowers being sold everywhere to lay at the foot of the altar.  Artistic Architecture your eye could not miss by turning your head simply amazing.DSC_0250.jpgDSC_0251 (3).jpgDSC_0337.jpgDSC_0242.jpg  What a day of feeling refreshed about my religion.

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