Belarus or Bust

dsc_0473 I am leaving for Belarus this Wednesday, April 5th arriving in Warsaw, Poland and then off to Minsk capital of Belarus, Russia.  Please pray for me and my new adventures in life and helping the homeless.

Today was a very interesting day I met an old friend Jeff who shared with me that I have touched him through what I do with my sock mission.  He said he was in Denver, he and his wife saw a homeless individual, while they passed this gentleman he dropped his head not making eye contact but Jeff said he noticed his socks and saw that they were worn out and old.  Jeff was but a block away from where this man was sitting on a park bench so he got a pair of new socks returned to the bench and gave him the new socks. I thanked Jeff for his thoughtfulness and awareness, he thanked me and said if it wasn’t for bringing my mission to his awareness he would have never noticed the man. God is good

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