2 Hours in and Relief in my Heart

It’s been just 2 hours since I signed off of Facebook and I already feel the relief of being able to start blogging and concentrating on my future rather than being an ass about things that will in no way impact my life.

Stopped by the Verizon store to see about getting an old flip phone and getting rid of this Galaxy S7 which does everything but reproduce and all I want is to be able to receive text and phone calls, preferably the latter of the two.  I long to hear people’s voices again and get the voice fluctuations so if you’re reading me right I am asking my friends to call me, I want to hear you not read you.  I am not afraid to post my number so if you want to call me it is 815-355-4613.

Thank you and maybe someday I’ll be able to put a phone back on the wall with the cord on only be able to walk 2 feet from the wall….AHHHHH that would be heaven for me.

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