Bremer Family invests in the future of their kids.
I would like to recognize in a public forum the Bremer Family, Brian, and Jamie for teaching their kids what volunteerism brings to your life when you practice it, about sharing the gifts they have been blessed with by God through hard work, sharing, and love. Once a month Brian and Jamie take their boys to activities that need help and volunteers. I met this wonder family at the Blessings in a Bag & Random Acts of Kindness groups making bags of essentials for the homeless. Their sons cut grass during the summers and the boys use this money to defray costs for all types of programs. These boys decided to take the money they earned this year and weather Black Friday to buy brand new socks for the Sok-Man mission.
What more can you say to Brian and Jamie for teaching their kids that we are living in a plentiful country and through volunteering, they can bless so many; these kids have gone to so many places that they are looking for suggestions to help them use their time wisely once a month, this activity has become a family outing to give Gods Love away. If you have suggestions please list them with your comments.
Thank you for giving me hope for the future.random-acts-of-kindness

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