Since I have been on this 5-year journey across the United States helping the homeless I have come to realize that they are teaching me more than I am giving them. I look at my life and realize that I have had advantages lots of people will never experience, growing up in the time that I did, having a loving family, getting to go to college, using a degree that I earned for 30-years, being married, having 3 wonderful adult functioning children, having 3 grandchildren, owning a house, living the American dream.

I not only am living the American Dream but I am an example of what we were/are taught as a society, the more stuff you have, the more toys you have, the bigger, the better the happier you will be.  On this excursion, I have come to realize for me (for me) that having stuff doesn’t make me happy, I figured out that the stuff I collected was for showing people how successful I was, saying take a look at me see what I have aren’t you impressed, aren’t I a success and by them saying yes they were validating my existence.

I’m a lifetime learner, while I was thinking I was giving, God has taught me that I am learning.  He is teaching me things about myself I never knew existed.  The biggest gift I have received is learning relationships are the most important part of my life on earth.  With that being said I have and am trying to become a minimalist not seeking things, stuff but developing long lasting relationships that I can have forever.   Through these relationships, I have been blessed by meeting some of the most giving, caring, loving people around.  I no longer look to buy but I look to give away, I listen better, I hear better and I see better by looking into the eyes of the people I am communicating with.

Stuff, stuff no I don’t need stuff I need warm tender loving relationships, most of my stuff is gone, given away, I am living the tiny house life and loving every minute of it. Some people say I’m crazy, some people don’t agree with my lifestyle, but it’s my life the only one I can live.DSC_0785 (1)



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