The Sok-Man
Support & Encourage
Homeless People
Give a little. Change a lot. in Your Car Donate or carry a packet of socks

My Mission

The purpose of The Sok-man is to support and encourage homeless people through the distribution of socks. We provide the homeless with foot relief, positive interactions, and connections to resources to assist them in getting off the street. This is accomplished by a dedicated staff of board members through outreach programs, fundraising, and donations.

Our future goals are to become a 501-C3, team up with established centers that support the homeless to distribute socks, and build a team of volunteers that will host sock drives.


Our funds support our website, sock purchases, and vehicle transportation and maintenance.


Focus on reaching the most vunerable children, to benefit all children, everywhere.

My Youtube Videos

This is the demo text for my videos on Youtube. this video was uploaded 5 years ago when i started this youtube channel

Numbers of Volunteers

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Number of Projects

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Numbers of Volunteer Hours

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Where the
money goes

Current operation and program
spending breakdown

  • Education and Prevention
  • Trauma Care for Children
  • Fundraising
  • Research and Advocacy
  • Culture and Community
Education and Prevention
Trauma Care for Children
Research and Advocacy
Culture and Community

Donate Today to Save Children From the Trauma of Abuse

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